The Best Corporate Videography award honors excellence in corporate and non-profit event videography. Eligible entrants are videographers or event planning professionals who produced a video for a business-related purpose. 

The full entry must be completed before logging off. The data will NOT be saved until you submit this form, and it will not be accessible after you have submitted. Therefore, we highly encourage you to create your answers in a word processing document. 

For this category ONLY, an entrant may submit a video no greater than 200Mb and 5 minutes in length.  In order to submit this video, the entrant needs to follow the procedures below:

- Copy & paste a link to Dropbox where the video is housed.

- Make sure that the video is allowed to be downloaded. 

- The chapter administrator will download your video and reupload to Vimeo under the ILEA Indiana account. All videos will be password protected to remain anonymous.

Consists of the documents necessary for pre-planning and production of events. Management collateral supports the entry event's development, pre-production, and post-production.  Examples include: floor plans, timelines, contingency plans, production schedules, insurance riders, renderings, BEOs.  Each photo is considered one item. A multipage piece such as a timeline or production schedule will each be considered one piece. No more than 10 files may be uploaded.

Consists of the visuals/collateral/products that are used to create look, feel, and experience.  Examples include photographs, invitations, menu cards, nametags and signage. Each photo is considered one item (including pictures in inspiration boards). A multipage piece such as a menu or program will each be considered one piece. No more than 20 files may be uploaded.

Two representative photos will be used for promotional purposes only (awards slideshow, social media, etc.). The images you select MUST have been used in your primarly collateral.