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ILEA Board Member Spotlight!


Introducing another board member spotlight of the week, Jessica McCormick! Jessica is one of our Directors of Program. She is an Event Designer with Eventfull Planning.  Keep reading to learn more about Jessica!

What do you specialize in?

Wedding and non-wedding social event planning and coordination


How long have you been in the industry, and how long in your current position?

10 years, in my current position for 3 years


How long have you been apart of ILEA?

2.5 years


Why did you join ILEA?

I joined ILEA for networking and education


What is the favorite event tool you use?

My phone!  (Email, call, social media, weather tracking, etc.)


What advice do you have to give to other event professionals?

Get involved!  


What is one thing people do not know about you?

I could never wear socks because my toes are partically webbed!   

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