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2017 PACE Award Winner: Best Event with a Legacy

The 2018 PACE Awards are just around the corner! With so many great vendors and teams from our 2017 PACE Awards, what better way to get excited for this year than to showcase some of those winners. See below for the “Best Event with a Legacy”, which went to Forum Conference and Event Center!

The event was called “Water is Life”, presented by the Fishers Rotary Club. The Water Is Life Project served over 130,000 people in 130 rural villages by bringing clean, sanitary water to Sierra Leone. Thanks to all the donations over the years they are serving clean lifesaving water to 2% of Sierra Leone’s total population – which means they are saving potentially 1,000’s of lives each year.






Join us for the 2018 PACE Awards on Friday, April 20th at Forum Conference and Event Center. 



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Behind the Scenes with Tami Forero



Tami Forero, CEO of Forte Events Inc., will be joining us for our sales intensive this March! She speaks annually at event conferences as well as numerous industry chapters, and nationwide associations. With over twenty years of experience in the event industry and a corporate background, Tami Forero is a knowledgeable source in the area of sales, marketing, experiential learning, and obtaining a successful business and balanced life. Keep reading for a behind the scenes interview with Tami!


What does your company do and what makes is different than others like it?

?  Forté Events is a strategic event firm...? We ? help companies and organizations solve problems using events. That's what differentiates us with clients but what also make us REALLY unique is how we run the's very different than any other business I've encountered which is why I think its successful. If you want to know how we're so different, come to my sessions where I will explain it all :-)  ?  


What lead you to your current career and how long have you been in the field?

?  I started in the event industry by  accident ?! I created several events for a bank I was working for without knowing I was an event planner...eventually my position there became planning events full time and grew into a seasoned corporate producer over time. I started in 1992...26 years and counting!??


What is your most memorable event/project? Why?

?  Yikes! This is a hard question. I've planned thousands of events throughout my career so different experiences stand out for different reasons but I really like events that help people. We worked with an organization that combines corporate training with solving world problems and I think that's where the event industry should be. In the same way, we plan celebrations of life for families around the country and I find those events very rewarding...really using our talents to help people during a hard time in their life...does it get better than that?


What is one thing people do not know about you?

?  I was a professional singer before I became an event planner. I still love music and will perform at a coffee shop or open mic around town just for fun :-)?


If you were not in your current career, what would be your dream job?

? I would go back to the music industry if it was easier to make a living from and it remained fun...or I'd be a professional dog that a job?


Come meet Tami on March 13th at 9:00am at the Columbia Club!


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