Letter from the President


I’m very excited to lead our successful Chapter as your President.   I’ve served on the board for 6 years and have had the pleasure to work under some pretty outstanding Presidents and with some fantastic board members.  The networking, friendships and connections both nationally and internationally have been amazing!  The people you will meet as a member of ILEA is priceless!  You get out of ILEA what you put in to it so be present and reap the rewards both personally and professionally.

What a year we have planned with the final stages of the name change, ILEA bringing back the Road Show training program for chapter boards and lots of outstanding events and coverage by our members at ILEA Indiana events!  Our programs team has worked hard to bring in excellent speakers who are both entertaining and follow our core curriculum for educational events which helps our chapter grow and be stronger.    

This will be our year of transition with all the work that comes when you change an organization’s name internationally and how it trickles to work we must do here in Indiana to re-incorporate.  We are all so lucky to be lead by a great leadership team at ILEA Headquarters who are helping your  ILEA board navigate the forms and policies of the change.   I’m excited about the new name and how it truly reflects what we all do in our careers--Live events!  

My goal for my presidency is to focus on membership.  A big reason many of us are a part of ILEA is for the business contacts we meet and the referrals we generate through our involvement.  ILEA members are encouraged to connect and partner with other ILEA members for business.  We must keep our Indiana Chapter strong with an eye to bringing in new members each time we meet with great vendors who are not yet at part of ILEA.  Having the online list of members available throughout the world can be a valuable asset when we work out of state... and can be profitable for us when business comes in from other states and they need great local vendors.  We ALL want to be on that call list and get those opportunities.

To accomplish this goal I have challenged your board to bring at least 6 guests to events over the course of the ILEA year to introduce them to our chapter and the benefits of membership. Through the use of StarChapter we can track and categorize our membership to see where we have vendor areas that we could focus on more specifically in service to our group and for the betterment of that person’s particular field within the events industry.   I ask that each of you also set a personal goal of bringing at least ONE guest to lunches like these as well.  Membership and keeping ILEA strong is everyone’s goal.  

And lastly,-each year the ILEA Presidents choose a theme for their presidency.  Mine is Make It Happen!  I’ve heard it all my life and it’s a mantra I use daily in my sales career and in parenting... Make it Happen!  Since I selected this theme I swear I hear it every day in the media or by a person I’m meeting and now I bet you will notice it more as well!  There’s a lot of meaning in those 3 words.

A great event isn’t executed unless we Make It Happen through collaboration and action!  Your ILEA membership provides you that collaboration piece.  

Some people WANT it to happen...some WISH it would happen...ILEA people MAKE It Happen.

Make It Happen!
Chris La Mar
ILEA President